a self-paced, unfaciliated introductory course created by Open UAS

Next Steps

Thanks for completing OER 101!

An Open Education Champion Recognition letter for your Promotion and Tenure file will be provided to UAS faculty who:

  • complete all course modules and submit their “next step” goals to encourage action towards embracing OER.
  • take a colleague out for coffee or schedule a phone call to discuss OER and share these “next step” goals.

Having increased your awareness of Open Educational Resources, open licensing and the various benefits and challenges of using these resources in your courses, what “next steps” will you take to put your learning into action? Need some suggestions? Write and share a review of an open textbook in your field using this rubric, use the ALS OER ISBN search tool created by CSU Affordable Learning Solutions to identify OER related to your current textbook, start a conversation in your department about supporting markings in the course schedule that identify sections using OER.

Next Steps